Why high variance slots are taking over the online casino landscape

high variance slots

If you are a slots enthusiast, chances are you have heard of the term slot variance or slot volatility. Slot variance is a term used to describe the risk factor of the slot.

A low variance slot is low risk and will pay out lots of small wins and plenty of bonus features. You will get a lot of entertainment for your money and extended playing time. You won’t lose much, but you won’t win too much either.

On the other side of the spectrum are high variance slots; slots where it is possible to win massive amounts of money while playing with small stakes. The downside to his vast potential is the risk factor: most of the time, you will win nothing. Only when you are fortunate, will you be able to take full advantage of a high variance slot and pull in the big wins.

High variance slots can pay out tens of thousands of times your stake

The main attraction of high variance slots is in the potential of the winnings.

A low to medium variance slot might have a maximum win potential of a few hundred times your stake. If you were betting one euro per spin, you might win 200 to 300 euro.

That potential all changes when you are playing high variance slots. Slots like Dead or Alive 2, Peking Luck and Danger! High Voltage can pay out wins of 50,000 times your stake or even more.

Wins of over 100,000 the stake have even been reported multiple times on Dead or Alive 2, which has boosted the popularity of this Netent slot even more.

Megaways slots are a new breed of high variance slots which feature a vast number of ways to win. The number of ways to win differs with each spin and can go up to a staggering 117.649 ways. Combined with wilds, extra multipliers, avalanche wins and mystery symbols, it is not hard to see how Megaways slots can pay out huge sums to thrill-seeking slots players.

Why are high variance slots so popular?

We have already talked about the undeniable main attraction of high variance slots: the chance to win big.

But there is more. Slots streamers, that live-stream their slots play on channels such as Youtube and Twitch, have embraced high variance slots. The reason? People love to watch other people win big.

It is a lot more interesting to see your favourite slots streamer land a 5,000 – 10,000 times the stake jackpot than to see him land a dire 200 x the stake win. And to top things off, most high variance slots offer players the chance to buy the bonus feature, so there is no need for all that boring gameplay in the base game while chasing the bonus trigger.

As a result, slots streamers almost exclusively play high variance slots. And as that is all they are playing, they are influencing slots players to play high variance slots themselves.

What are the most popular high variance slots?

With all this talk about big wins and exciting bonus features, you might want to try out a high variance slot your self.

So. the question arises: what are the most popular high variance slots? When every other new slot that is released is a high variance slot, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

If you are looking to try high variance slots, we recommend you check out Freebieslots’ list of best high variance slots. There are some classic high variance slots on the list and also some of the best new high variance sots.

In any case, when you are trying out a new high variance slot, we recommend you start with low stakes. High variance slots have a high-risk profile so you should take some time to get a good feel for the slot and get acquainted with the bonus features and game mechanics before you start going in with all guns blazing.