Three Bonuses that Most Players Should Avoid

Now that may come as a surprise to some of our readers, but there is such thing as bad bonuses. Here we will cover three main type of casino bonuses that players should in general avoid. Not always of course, but in most cases.

Before we start, one thing we need to clarify: in this article we will value the bonuses based on their influence on our winning odds. Meaning: does the particular promotion increases our chances of going home with some cash or actually the opposite.

If you are not really into all that odds and winning stuff, but just looking for the biggest bonus that will grant you the longest playtime – you can go ahead. However, if you do wish to increase your odds and maybe learn something new about casino bonuses on the way – you are welcome to keep reading.

Sticky / Phantom Bonuses

The most common bonus type that players in general should avoid is the phantom bonuses. The meaning of phantom is that the bonus is given for wagering purposes only. Before the withdrawal, the bonus amount is taken back.
The reason why these bonuses should be avoided is that besides increasing your play time, the do nothing to help you increase your winning odds. In fact, they do the opposite by enforcing long playtime on the players. As we all know – it’s much easier to end up winning by cashing out in the right time when we are ahead. As in the long run – the house always wins. The problem with the sticky bonuses is that even if you win $1000 on your first spin, you are forced to wager high amounts until you can actually cashout. And the chances of you keeping your $1000 win are pretty slim.
On the other hand of the scale you can find the cashable casino bonuses – those are in fact the recommended ones. With cashable bonuses you can in some case even get an edge over the house. Of course it depends on other factors as the wagering requirements and the game you choose to play, but still, those are the bonuses you should look for.
It’s not always easy; in UK casinos they are quite common, but on USA casinos sites these are a bit hard to find.

Max Cashout Bonuses

As the name implies – these are the promos where there is a cap to the maximum amount you can withdraw. Usually as multiplier of the deposit – for example 20 times the deposit and so on. Now it might seem not a big deal at first and it’s indeed so if you are playing blackjack or craps. However if slots is your main game, this bonus can end up being very costly.
As all of us slot players know, it’s all about one big win to cover dozens of bad sessions. That one time that you hit that x100, x500 jackpot is that makes it all worthwhile. And here’s the catch – it’s not possible with max cashout bonuses. Of course most of the times you won’t reach the cap and all will go smoothly, but that one time… Believe me, there is nothing more annoying than hitting that $40,000 jackpot just to find out that you can withdraw only $2000.

Too Good to Be True Bonuses

Last in line – the too good to be true bonuses. I know it’s not as well defined as the previous two, but after playing online for a while you will start to sense them. That there is something not right. The bonus is too high or the terms are too positive, numbers don’t end up.
Here is the exact time where you need to be smart and profound and really take the time to read those small letters. Possible that it’s a good casino that offers some great time limited bonus that you should take advantage of. However, you shouldn’t forget, there are plenty low level casinos that use bonuses as a honey trap for unexperienced players.
Bottom line – when something looks strange – don’t just jump in but take your time. Check the terms. Read some reviews. If you are still not sure, just move to the next one. That’s the advantage of online gambling – you don’t need to walk or drive anywhere. Just one click on the button and you are there.

Have fun!