The 7 Best Free Spin Bonuses of 2020

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Free Spin bonuses are juicy offers that no casino player can refuse. Why? Free spin bonuses are a haven for casino players, as the name indicates there are free to play. There is very minimal cost involved in getting these free spin bonuses.

Another benefit of the free spin bonuses is that it is a safe ground for you to test your casino abilities before you start pumping in huge money into it.

There are two free spin bonuses types – free spin bonuses with deposit and free spin bonuses without deposit.

Usually, people, especially new casino players, target the free deposit bonuses without deposit. Casinos put a huge wagering requirement on the free spin bonuses without deposit to prevent losing a lot of money.

Thus, free spin bonuses with no deposit are not much better than the free spin bonuses with deposit.

How do you access free spin no deposit bonus?

The process is simple; the only thing you have to do is register with the casino that is offering the bonus. Online Casino registration usually takes less than five minutes; you are doing nothing for the bonus.

How do you access free spin bonus with a deposit?

For free spin bonus with a deposit, you have to register and also, deposit at least the lowest sum required to get the bonus.

Where to find free spin bonuses?

You can find free spin bonuses from many online casinos. I am guessing the way you plan to find yours is to do a Google or Bing search, typing in the keyword ‘free spin bonuses’ and hoping that Google will provide you with the best results.

If that is your approach, I have some major bad news for you.

Google will only provide you sites on its first page that have a high Google SEO score. What does this mean? It means that the sites Google will provide may not necessarily provide you with the best free spin bonuses.

Good news, I have saved you the stress of finding the best free sign bonuses on your own. Enjoy reading it!

7 Best Free Spin Bonuses of 2020

The seven best Free Spin Bonuses of 2020 include:

1.  VIPS Casino

One of the best free spin bonuses of 2020 is from VIPS Casino. You get a whopping 500 free spins with deposit. Unfortunately, it does not have any offer for free spins bonuses without deposit. With a fair wagering requirement of 35 and access to a wide range of Casino games, VIP Casino is a fantastic choice for casino lovers.

2. Just Spin Casino

Another top value fee spin bonus of 2020 is from Just Spin Casino. You enjoy a sizeable 500 free spins with deposit and 100 free spins without deposit. If you are wondering why it isn’t number one on the list, it has a wagering requirement of 50.

3. Leo Vegas

If you need an online casino that offers a free spin bonus with a low wagering requirement, Leo Vegas is one of the best this year. It has a low wagering requirement of 10. In addition to this, you get 122 free spins with deposit. It currently does not offer free signs without deposits.

4. Cashmio

This online casino is another casino with big free spins bonuses this year. It offers excellent value for your money. Access to over 300 free spins with deposit is available for you with this casino.

The wagering requirement is 30. Cashmio is one of the top casinos in 2020 to watch.

5. Dunder Casino

With Dunder Casino, you enjoy both types of free spins bonuses. You enjoy 180 free spins with deposit and 20 free spins without deposit. Also, the wagering requirement for both bonuses is 25. Dunder Casino allows you to enjoy both free spins bonuses.

6. Genesis Casino

With Genesis Casino, you get a whopping 300 free spins with a deposit, more than enough spins to keep you winning. If you are expecting a free spin with no deposit bonus, it does not currently offer that. However, its free spin offer with deposit is one of the most competitive free spins bonuses of 2020. The wagering requirement is 40.

7. Sloty Casino

Although the last on this list, it is not the least. It is similar to what many others have to offer as free spin bonuses. Sloty Casino offers you a mouthwatering 300 free spins with a deposit after registration. The wagering requirement is 40, similar to others already mentioned in the article.

There you go, these are 7 of the best casinos with the best free spin bonuses of 2020. If you want more free spin bonuses options or what to find the best casino for you, you can visit this page for your more information.