Sweden launches online gambling self-exclusion tool

In Sweden, the Spelinspektionen gaming regulator has announced the launch of a self-exclusion tool that has been designed to prohibit those that choose to sign up from being able to access licensed domains.

According to reports from igamingbusiness.com the Spelpaus innovation has been premiered to coincide with the Scandinavian nation’s recent deregulation of online gambling and also prevents participants from receiving electronic marketing materials from licensed operators.

Spelpaus.se gives users the option of signing up to be excluded for one month, three months, six months or until further notice – an option that runs for a minimum of one year. The vast majority of those who have signed up so far have opted for the longest blackout period.

More than 10,000 people in Sweden have already signed up to avoid direct marketing from gambling websites via a new self-exclusion scheme.

Anders Sims, Communications Manager for the Spelinspektionen, reportedly declared that the regulator’s Spelpaus tool ‘seems to work well with the system’ despite there being ‘a handful of gaming companies’ that have not yet met the ‘requirements set out by law.”

Sims statement read:

“Gambling abuse is a widespread social problem so it is positive that so many people have found the new service and use it as a tool to refrain from gaming and avoiding direct advertising from the gaming companies.”