Raging Storms Slot Review

raging storms slot

Raging Storms Online Slot

Raging Storms is the title of an IGT slot machine that offers highly original game mechanisms and many different opportunities to achieve a winning combination. With Raging Storms you are faced with a video slot with 5 reels and 4 lines, and 25 different bet lines.
So far nothing exceptional: beauty comes when special symbols come into play. The Wild is called Storm Wild and can be combined with another Wild by dramatically increasing your chances of completing a winning combination. The Bonus offers several possibilities to enjoy the free spins session. Here are all the features of Raging Storms.

Raging Storms Slot

The protagonists of Raging Storms are the ancient Greek deities. In particular, four are the ones who lend their face and powers to the most valuable symbols of this IGT slot. We find in fact the god of wind, rain, ice and finally the god of thunder, which is the icon that is worth more than all the others. There are also four other symbols that you can use to win with winning combinations, namely the four seeds of the playing cards, which are also the icons of lower value.
The game starts after you have placed your bet and set the autoplay; alternatively you can also decide to advance the spin manually. During the game you may see the Wild symbol appear, which in Raging Storms has very peculiar characteristics. It’s called Storm Wild for one thing, and it looks like a storm cloud. The Wild can appear either on reel number 1, or on reel number 5. Its peculiarity is that it moves: if it appears on roll 1 it moves to the right, just like a storm cloud. On the contrary, if it appears on roller 5, it moves to the left.

Super Storm Wild

The most interesting feature about the Wild symbol is when you create the Super Storm Wild. The Wild, as usual, has the value of a wild card and can replace all other symbols except the Scatter. This means that its presence increases the chances of completing a winning combination.
In Raging Storms it may happen that two Wild reels appear on the reels, one on roller 1 and one on roller 5. At some point the two Wild collide and give life to the Super Storm Wild, which can expand up to 3×3 size. By occupying much of the game board, it not only makes it easy to win, but also offers a variable multiplier whose maximum value is 10.


The Scatter symbol is Bonus, and is the icon that starts the free spins session. For free spin to be credited, at least 3 bonuses must appear on the 5 reels. At this point the player can choose which of the four gods protagonists of the slot give his devotion. This will determine the characteristics of the free spin session, from the number of free spins that can be used up to the number of Wild that may appear during the game.
There are gods who deliver more revolutions, but who offer less chance of receiving Storm Wild. During the free spin session, you can also win winning multipliers.