Online Casino Verification Tips

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Online casino playing has become even more popular as the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic. While it can be a very enjoyable experience, just like everything else in life, it’s best to be safe and take precautions.

Covid-19 has raised the stakes. Taking a chance on possibly gaining a lump sum of disposable income instantly as the global unemployment rate rises is-understably-more appealing than ever.

Not all avenues for this are as legitimate or credible as they seem. In fact, some of them are really good at presenting themselves as such, only to be fraudulent. However, that’s not an impossible situation to avoid.

Here are some tips on what to look for when researching whether or not a certain gambling establishment online is worth your hard-earned money and time:


Read things people have to say. Watch the vlogs, if there are any. Heck, you can even look on the likes of Yelp or Turboluck. And of course, check if the gambling establishment has their own social media. Look for a Facebook page, and/or a Twitter account, and/or Instagram. Even if there is no dedicated review section, it will be worth looking into their comments section in general. Experiences vary from player to player, of course, but if there is a genuine cause for concern, a common thread will appear. It’s also important to note that bitter, unhappy players can also decide to spam these pages as a way to feel better after losing.

Checks and Balances

Offline, in real life, there are regulations and supervisory boards for casinos. This way, things like data privacy, fair play, and security are maintained without bias. Documents like these are usually displayed in actual casinos. For those online, it may be placed on a dedicated page, on the header or footer, or included in their “About” page. This also applies online. Regular audits are held, and should they pass, they will have a seal of approval from places such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) that should be on their page.


Look into the company behind the website. There should be an about page of some sort. If it’s just the establishment name, take the time to do a search via Google. As a player, the safest bet is always to choose a casino that has been around for quite some time, known quite well, and maintains a positive reputation.


Needless to say, if the place doesn’t have a license, it’s essentially considered not legitimate at all. The same goes for online casinos. Since this is basically an international endeavour, it is perfectly normal for these places to have several licenses from many different authorities globally. Of all the countries that issue licenses, those from Costa Rica, Curacao, Gibraltar, and the United Kingdom are considered trustworthy on an expert level.

Find the right website or app for you by weeding out the ones that shouldn’t even be under consideration at all.

When you do find that legitimate, certified website or app: have fun!