More Than 20,000 Swedes Opt For Gambling Self-Exclusion

More than 20,000 Swedish gamblers opted to self-exclude from gambling via the national system in the period between January 1 and February 1, the country’s gambling regulator said on Friday.

According to Spelinspektionen, formerly Lotteriinspektionen, most of the people who registered into the newly launched self-exclusion system shut themselves out for an indefinite period of time. A person registered with cannot gamble at Sweden’s land-based casino and betting facilities as well as online on websites operated by locally licensed companies.

The self-exclusion system was introduced as part of the reorganization of Sweden’s gambling market. The country’s new gambling law took effect on January 1, 2019, opening the local market to international operators. Spelinspektionen said last week that it has issued 69 licenses to interested companies since the licensing process began.

Monitoring for the socially responsible provision of gambling services has become one of Spelinspektionen’s main tasks since the market was opened for operations beyond the ones provided by state-run entities.

However, the regulatory body discovered certain irregularities in the way newly licensed companies provided their services in the first days after the new regime was enforced, which prompted warnings against repeated violations and compliance failures.