Live Casinos

Live casino offers you a real casino action that you can enjoy right from home! In the live casinos you can find many casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat. You can play on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet and be able to feel authentic casino atmosphere and even more fun. Real croupiers and gaming tables are streamed to your device and you can place your bets comfortably without having to set foot in a real casino. Look at our list of the best live casinos online, select your favorite live casino and feel the real casino on your screen!

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Live Casino Online

Why go to the land-based casino when you can decide when you want to play. On the bus, on the train, at home on the couch or secretly in the toilet. You can play Live Casino anytime, anywhere, the most important thing is to have a good internet connection. And if you prefer large screens, just turn on your computer via HDMI on TV and have fun.

Best Live Casino

Juicybonuses is committed to providing the best live casinos for our visitors. We are pleased to give you access to first-class live casinos where you are going to have the best gambling experience. The quality of the games in these casinos is ensured by cooperation with the best casino software providers. We make sure that the technology in the casinos that you can find our list works excellently and that the games are available around the clock. All gambling fans who enjoy playing in a concrete casino should also take a look at the live dealer games. It’s remarkable how good the live atmosphere has become. The first-class live broadcasts play an important role. But the quality of the dealers in live casinos is also excellent. Every dealer is trained in the same way as in a classic casino. Only in this way is it possible to offer high-quality games at every table. Entry is possible with small stakes. There is no play money in live casinos on the Internet. But even in a classic casino, players have to bet a real money to play.

Live casino bonus

Live Casino welcome bonus is currently only available at a few casinos. In our opinion you can find the best ones in the list above. For Live Casino bonuses the same applies as for all other bonus offers of the casinos: Read the bonus conditions carefully and then decide whether it is worthwhile for you to accept the respective offer! The following is a brief overview of the most important points. When it comes to the deposit bonus, the casino increases your deposits once or several times up to the specified bonus limit. Most bonus offers are 100% match bonuses, i.e. the casino doubles your deposit. Before the deposit bonus is paid out, you must first unlock it at the vast majority of casinos, i.e. the payout is linked to certain turnover requirements. Experience has shown that this is usually between 10 times to 40 times your deposit amount. Casinos only offer a No Deposit Bonus in very rare cases. You have the best chances with providers who are fresh on the market and aggressively recruit new customers. If you would like to play in the live online casino, you should of course pay special attention to whether you can also use the bonus amount in the live games.

However, when searching for the best live casino bonus, you should not neglect the other offers of the casino providers. This includes all VIP and loyalty programs, special offers and even special live events. Many casinos offer you a loyalty program in some form. From the first game on, you usually collect loyalty points, which you can exchange for real money. If you play regularly, you’ll quickly upgrade to a higher status and get better conditions. As a VIP, you can enjoy personal customer care at many casinos. VIPs often receive special bonus offers and monthly prize draws. In addition, there are special gaming tables only for VIPs and sometimes even invitations to exclusive live events. This can be associated with a trip to Las Vegas, for example! There are hardly any limits to the fantasy of the casino providers when it comes to special promotions. Often there are tournaments and free games for certain machines. Or you get a small bonus if you play on certain days or at certain times. If you want to know more about the bonus offers, We recommend you our detailed overview of the bonus offers of online casinos in online casino section.

Live Roulette

Roulette is a real classic game, which benefits to a particularly high degree from a successful implementation at real tables. Because Live Dealer Roulette is very popular, most online casinos provide multiple tables, which at best cover all variations of the original game. In any case, French Roulette is consistently one of the two main variations of the game. The other main variation, American Roulette with double zero, is less common. However, many players prefer the French version anyway, since the house advantage of the casino is lower here. While the payout ratio in French Roulette is between 97.3% for multiple chances and 98.65% for single chances, the payout ratio in American Roulette is a comparatively meager 94.84%.

In the best live casinos you will find a wide selection of table limits. The limits at the live tables are much higher than at the regular online casino tables. While the stakes there are often limited to a few hundred Euros, high rollers at some live tables can place five or six digit stakes. The minimum stakes at the cheap tables are usually 0.50€ to 1€.

Roulette is a game of chance in which the casino’s chances of winning outweigh your chances of winning. Nevertheless, there have always been attempts to develop an infallible winning system for it. Until today many people like to play with progressive bets (Martingale game). Four classic betting strategies can usually be selected directly on the area of the betting table named after its racetrack form. These are the Tiers du cylindre, Orphelins, Voisins de zéro and Jeu zéro bets. Learn more about roulette on our roulette subpage.

Live blackjack online

Blackjack is the world’s most popular card game, so you’ll find a variety of tables where you can try your luck in live casinos. Similar to Live Casino Roulette, however, there are usually only a few variants of this table game available. Most often you will find the classic variant, which is usually simply called Live Blackjack. Typically, you can double your bets (Double Down), split your hand (Split), or insure yourself against a Blackjack from the Online Casino Live Dealer (Insurance). In addition, there are often side bets, where you can bet on certain game constellations. One example is Perfect Pair side bets, where you bet that your first two cards are the same. The payout will then be an impressive 25:1. If you successfully bet on a colour pair (e.g. Queen of Diamonds and Queen of Hearts) or a mixed pair (e.g. Queen of Diamonds and Queen of Spades), you will receive your winnings at a ratio of 12:1 or 6:1 respectively. In the 21+3 side bet, you bet that your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card make a special combination, such as a three of a kind with an identical symbol (suite trips). Some Blackjack live games don’t score with sophisticated rule changes, but instead rely on a particularly exuberant mood at the table. This variant usually runs under the name Blackjack Party. In general, Blackjack has very high payout odds, but if you play optimally in the basic version, you have a theoretical 99.53% chance of winning!

Live baccarat

Baccarat is another classic card game that you can play live in almost any casino. Supposedly invented in Naples in the 16th century, Baccarat is now popular in Asia. In the classic Chemin de Fer variant you play against the other players, while in the Punto Banco game everyone plays against the bank. In the Live Dealer Casino today almost exclusively the Punto Banco variant is to be found. Similar to Blackjack, Baccarat offers various additional betting options. Widely used are bets on pairs or on big and small cards.

In Baccarat Squeeze, the process of uncovering cards is celebrated with a small ritual, which some live casinos capture in slow motion and from different camera perspectives, without changing the rules of the game. The mostly female dealers bend and bend the cards with their perfectly manicured hands and fingers, so that one can already guess the value of the card before the actual uncovering. Of course, the whole thing is captured in close-up.

The Baccarat Control Squeeze focuses more on interactivity: Here you uncover your virtual hand yourself and determine the speed all by yourself!

Anyone who has ever played Live Baccarat knows that the numerous statistics displayed are very important. The fact that these can be optimally displayed live in an online casino certainly contributes to the huge success of this game. For many players, the shapes and patterns that emerge in the course of several games make up the real appeal of Baccarat. Interpreting these and aligning one’s betting behavior with them is widespread among the numerous friends of Baccarat.

The benefits of Live Casinos

It should be noted that playing live blackjack or playing live roulette does not differ from the classic casino. Like any other casino, the online game has its own advantages:

  • You can enjoy a true casino atmosphere from home
  • Play with Windows, Mac, phones and tablets with Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • Professional dealers provide great entertainment
  • Different tables with different dealers and limits to choose from
  • If you wish, you can chat with the dealer and other players via the chat feature

How do live games work?

In Live Dealer Casino games you can follow the game through a stream of cameras in a specially designed online casino game. You can virtually sit at any roulette, blackjack or baccarat table and join the game. Dealers are real people who give you cards, throw the ball into the roulette wheel or talk to you while you’re playing. Decisions are made at home on a PC and you can place your bets there like in a slot machine. Live chat is available for small conversations with dealers or other players.

Is it safe to play at live casinos?

Live Dealer casino games are no different from other games in terms of security. At reputable online casinos you can certainly play for real money with a Live Dealer.

What are the differences between live games and other online casino games?

The rules of the game are the same for both live and automatic casino games. However, the implementation levels are different. Therefore, in a live dealer game there are usually no microprocessor and ministake tables available. In general, the live game is a little quieter because there are breaks for mixing cards and you have to wait until all the players have placed their bets at the live dealer’s table. In addition, live dealer games offer a more realistic casino atmosphere than computer games.

What are the most popular live dealer games?

The most popular live game with the dealer is blackjack, as this game benefits most from the casino atmosphere conveyed in games with live dealers and the interaction with dealers and other players. But live roulette and live baccarat are becoming increasingly popular with online players.