Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin casinos are a novelty in the online gambling world. Although they are not yet widely known, they are gaining popularity. Every year the number of Bitcoin wallets keeps rising and this trend will continue in the future. Now you have the opportunity to play online slots, roulette and other casino games using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Play in a bitcoin casino today!

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Best bitcoin casino sites

Are you ready to gamble with your Bitcoin? We’ve listed all best bitcoin casino sites and put all of them in one place. Instead of doing a research in google, now all you have to do it is going to to bitcoin casinos section, selecting your favourite bitcoin casino and playing best bitcoin casino games. Choose your best bitcoin casino site and jump into action now!

Crypto casino

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted in an increasing number of online casinos. You can make a deposit and withdraw from a casino with Bitcoin which is awesome thing if you own some cryptocurrencies and want to have some fun in a crypto casino.

Bitcoin casino UK

Casinos that accept Bitcoin payments have become a really successful in the UK. Many UK players started using Bitcoin as a payment method instead of standard, regular options. That’s not surprising though because bitcoin payments are fast and secure. They are able to play their favourite casino games like bitcoin slots, roulette, baccarat or video poker using Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Before you jump into bitcoin casino world, you must ensure that the casino is licensed and approved by the UK Gambling Commission, the reason for this is that gambling in the United Kingdom is strictly regulated. After that, you can play your in your favourite bitcoin casino UK!

Bitcoin casino US

Although online gambling is prohibited in most states and only in a few states online casinos are legal, when it comes to bitcoin gambling, US players can use them in all states. That means you can gamble in Bitcoin casinos if you are from US. You can find many bitcoin casinos on this site. Choose the one you like the most and try your luck. Remember that every bitcoin casino listed on this site offers an awesome welcome bonus so feel free to take it!

US gamblers must check their state regulations as the rules of the game vary from state to state.

What is Bitcoin?

It is an online currency that has been launched in 2011. It gained more popularity in 2014 when many online stores started to accept bitcoin as a payment method. Another word for Bitcoins is cryptocurrency or BTC. “Bit” means the smallest storage unit in the computer.

Bitcoins can be exchanged into other currencies. Bitcoins are traded decentrally – this means without interbank switching. You can pay with the crypto currency via Bitcoin Wallets.

A Bitcoin is a so-called crypto currency. To be able to use this crypto currency for payment transactions, two things are decisive: The customer must have a so-called Bitcoin Client, since this system functions via a peer-to-peer network.

You have a kind of wallet on the computer. This wallet makes it possible to trade Bitcoins. Bitcoins, or also BTC, can be exchanged into other currencies. In order for this to work, the remote terminal must also be able to offer BTC. Since it is a decentralized currency system, no banks are involved in the trade. This means that the online currency is not affected by the exchange rate fluctuations of other currencies.

Bitcoins and online casinos – how does it work?

In the previous section it was mentioned that Bitcoins require special software on the user’s computer as well as acceptance from the other side, the online casino. If the Bitcoins are not accepted as a means of payment, the user cannot use them. The payment process itself does not differ significantly from that with other currencies. As a rule, most online casinos rely on traditional payment methods such as digital purses, credit cards or several forms of bank transfer.

Step-by-Step Guide: Paying with Bitcoins in Online Casinos

Open the customer account and click on the payment area

Select Bitcoins as payment method

Request transaction

Specify individual Bitcoin address

If you follow these steps, you can easily deposit online with the cryptocurrency.

Benefits of Bitcoin casinos

Bitcoins is a currency have plenty of advantages. The main advantage of bitcoins is their low or any fees. There is no need to pay any additional fees in order to make a transfer. You can only pay a small extra fee to speed up the payment process, but this is not required. Thanks to this, the payment in this cryptocurrency is much better than in traditional ones such as pounds or dollars.

Companies and individuals from less developed countries decide to use bitcoins because it generates small losses compared to those that occur when converting their currency into dollars. Thanks to bitcoins, entrepreneurs are paid more for their services.

Cryptocurrency has another advantage, which is anonymity. When executing transactions, we do not need to disclose our identity. Thanks to this, there is less chance that someone will want to steal our personal data. This is a good solution when playing in an online casino. The problem becomes when the currency is spent on a purchase or drugs, because whoever buys such goods remains anonymous.

The next advantage of bitcoin is that it is acceptable worldwide. This avoids the loss of value of money by changing the exchange rate.

In addition, Bitcoin is very easy to use. All the user needs is appropriate software on the computer and a counterpart that accepts Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Casino Offer

Players do not have to compromise on the offer of Bitcoin casinos. Because there is also a concentrated selection of all kinds of casino games, such as slot machines. These slot machines have a long tradition – even in real casinos – a great tradition which attracts players to the magic world of casinos. In online casinos that accept bitcoins, this is no different. Online slots are also available here in abundance.

There are classic slot machines in which, for example, ringtones, fruits or the number 7 belong to symbols. In addition, there are also theme machines that have a lot to offer graphically and even can shine with small video sequences. These slots are available from major casino software developers like for example NetEnt.

But this offer does not only include online slot machines in Bitcoin casinos. Normal card games and table games are not too short here. These are almost always absolute classics called BlackJack or Roulette. But also poker or baccarat are very popular at Bitcoin online casinos.

If you want to play in a special atmosphere, you can also try live casinos. Here the games are played with real dealers, which once again provide a thrill and an amazing atmosphere.

Bitcoin casino bonus

The casino bonus is a type of incentive offered by the providers to thank new customers in return. New customers are usually rewarded with a deposit bonus and/or free spins for certain slots. They must deposit a minimum amount and then receive a percentage bonus on this deposit. Customers who like to use Bitcoins are now naturally wondering whether they can also benefit from these bonuses or whether this is reserved for players who deposit into their account in other currencies.

Bitcoin fans can rest assured, however. There are casinos where the Bitcoins are also used for a bonus. All of them you can find obviously on this page. Basically there is no difference for the customers, because there is also a certain percentage up to an upper limit. The maximum volumes of the bonus offers can be found in the bonus terms and conditions.

Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is something what players love the most! You can enjoy this bonus while registering to bitcoin casino. Find the offer you prefer the most and get free bonus now.

Bitcoin Casino Free Spins

Free spins are offered by bitcoin casino for certain bitcoin slots. You can play for free to test the slots out and see if you like them or not. Free spins are the chance to win some money without any risk.

Bitcoin casinos and licences

The advantage of a Bitcoin can also quickly become a disadvantage in the casino sector. Bitcoins are a worldwide accepted payment method. The disadvantage, however, is that it is not an official currency despite all legality. Those who want to play in a secure online casino will pay more attention to factors such as a valid gambling license.

You need to remember that Bitcoin Casinos do not always need such a valid gambling license. In and of itself this is not an exclusion criterion. Because not each online casino, which does not have a valid license, can be set at the same time also with fraud or scam. Even without such a license, they can operate safely and seriously.

Nevertheless there is a danger for the player: If you are unlucky enough to get into the hands of a black sheep of the industry, you will not be able to see anything more of your Bitcoins if the provider disappears from the scene. A legal pursuit turns out to be difficult to impossible here, so that the majority of the injured parties would surrender.

But no worries at all, on this page you can find only licensed and reputable bitcoin casino sites. We just wanted you to be aware of the dangers.

Litecoin casinos

Litecoin is the second most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin. Litecoin is known for its ease of use and safety. Enjoy playing in litecoin casinos that boast great support and a fantastic gambling experience.

Ethereum Casinos

Ethereum is another cryptocurrency that is famous from its safety. You can now use this coin to gamble in a best ethereum casino. Grab a bonus and join into ethereum casino now!